Kaizen Approach

Kaizen Approach

Global Kaizen has been in business for over 15 years offering packaging and blending services to the food industry. Our manufacturing philosophy is based on Kaizen which is a Japanese word meaning continuous improvement through working practices and efficiency. This type of manufacturing was made popular in the 80’s by Japanese auto manufacturers and today has been adopted by thousands of companies worldwide. This philosophy allows us to offer quick turn-around’s and change-overs all the while saving the customer money. It also allows us to adjust to our customers unique details and specifications, not the other way around. We have programs in place for GMP and HACCP as well as strict cleaning procedures for allergen purposes. Please contact us for further information on how Global Kaizen can help you with your packaging needs.

Jamie Hickerson

Dennis Hickerson
Project Manager

Armando Ramos
Production Manager

Georgina Kawabata

Eric Pena
Director of Operations