Side Gusset and Quad Seal bags are the fastest growing pouch in the marketplace today. Virtually any dry food item including; Cereal, crackers, cookies, nuts, dried fruits, grains, and baking mixes.

Side gusset bags have a gusset, or fold, on either side of the bag, while Quad Seal bags are sealed on the four corners of the bag, allowing for graphics on all four sides of the pouch. They can run from either a single web up to 60” in width or from three separate webs for resealable pouches. Our sales team can help decide the best option for your application.

Side Gusseted and Quad Seal Pouch Characteristics

  • Non-Resealable, Press to Close (Slider option soon to be available!)
  • Allows for Product capacity with less film required
  • Ideal for palletizing
  • Allows consumer brand companies to add additional graphics on side sections

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